11 Free and Beautiful Drupal 7 Themes

Are you looking for free Drupal themes to create your website? Well, if that’s the case, then take a look at this list of 11 free beautiful Drupal 7 themes. I am sure they will totally dazzle you. See for yourself!

Drupal is counted among the best CMS (Content Management System). Its user and developer community is still increasing. The creators of this platform are already in full development of version 8, which has been recently released.

Today, many websites are propelled by the power of Drupal. I was completely surprised to know that Drupal is used by some of the biggest sites on the Internet. These include The Economist, Examiner.com and even the White House.

More and more people, beginners on Internet, use Drupal to build their websites. If you are a Drupal user or if you have recently started with Drupal, you will need beautiful, unique and functional themes to dress up your website.

I guarantee that you are in the right place. I created this site to do the hard work of searching and finding great themes just for you. Do not hesitate to download one of the free Drupal themes below for your website. You can even come back later for more :).

If you need help customizing any of these free Drupal themes, you can visit TemplateTuning.

1. TB Rave

Drupal theme for magazine and news site


Demo | Download: TB Rave


2. TB Methys

Drupal theme to create a fashion site


Demo | Download: TB Methys


3. TB Events

Drupal theme perfect for building various events sites (conferences, festivals, parties, conventions, etc.)


Demo | Download: TB Events


4. TB Purity

Beautiful Drupal theme for a school or university portal, or just for news and newspapers


Demo | Download: TB Purity


5. TB Mollise

Drupal theme ideal for business and company website


Demo | Download: TB Mollise


6. TB Neris

Very elegant Drupal theme for business and portfolio site


Demo | Download: TB Neris


7. TB Hadelis

Attractive Drupal theme for blog and portfolio website


Demo | Download: TB Hadelis


8. TB Sirate

Responsive Drupal theme for business website


Demo | Download: TB Sirate


9. TB Simply

Simple Drupal theme for blogging site


Demo | Download: TB Simply


10. TB Blog

With a simple and clear design, this Drupal theme will allow you to create a blog


Demo | Download: TB Blog


11. TB Palicico

Excellent Drupal theme for portfolio website


Demo | Download: TB Palicico


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