11 Free and Simple phpBB3 Styles

For all those who have always dreamed of creating their own support or community forum, these are 11 free phpBB3 themes of very good quality for the realization of your dream.

During my many adventures in the world of the website development, it came to my mind, many times, to create a community or discussion forum. At the time, I was primarily looking for PHP scripts to accomplish the task. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find scripts that were fully functional and reliable.

But as I am in love with web design and web mastering, I kept digging on internet and finally found the infamous phpBB.

PhpBB is now the easiest and fastest way to create or install a forum on your website in a record time. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

And like any CMS (Content Management System), you will need what is commonly called themes, templates or styles to change the look of your website under phpBB.

To simplify the task of searching for phpBB styles, I have grouped here 11 free, simple, and yet elegant phpBB3 styles. I hope you like them! And please, leave a comment below if you do.


1. Alpha










Download: Alpha


2. Somewhere Blue











Download: Somewhere Blue


3. Neon











Download: Neon


4. Pinkie











Download: Pinkie


5. ProSkyGray












Download: ProSkyGray


6. ProSpecial









Download: ProSpecial


7. Artodia Ultra Blue










Download: Artodia Ultra Blue


8. Artodia Helion










Download: Artodia Helion


9. Madevo









Download: Madevo


10. Artodia Phantom Green










Download: Artodia Phantom Green


11. SpringElement










Download: SpringElement


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