Ever wanted to create a beautiful and breath-taking photography website? Well, now you can with our modern, stylish PhotoFan HTML5 website template.

This theme is a responsive theme built using bootstrap version 3.3.7 .It is built for those who are in the world of photography, it is composed of five pages:
– The index page
– The page about
– The blog page
– The single_post page
– The contact page

A – The index page
This page consists of 5 parts:
* The intro section contains a background image and a text
* The second section is an image gallery divided into three categories
* The third part is an invitation to subscribe to the newsletter
* The fourth part is reserved for partners
* The last part is the footer

The second part:
This part is to present the works of the owner of the site. The images are classified in three categories (the idea is that the purchaser can classify his images by thematic). When moving the mouse over an image, two parts are displayed, one band at the bottom of the image shows the number of image views, the number of likes and the number of downloads, and the other band contains four buttons:
– The first button displays the image in real size when clicked on
– The second button created to like the image
– The third button created to download the image
– The fourth button for image information in case we want to add.

Note: The images can be scrolled in the form of an image gallery when clicking on an image to see it in full size.
When moving the mouse over each button on the image a small text appears to indicate the role of the button.
At the bottom of the pictures is a pagination.

B – The about page
This page contains 3 parts:
A first part that contains descriptions of the agency and the team, then presents the various services that are offered
A second part reserved for training rates and the options that go with it.
A third part for the messages of the satisfied customers of the received services.

C – The blog page
This page contains the different articles, a search box, recent articles, a box contain the different categories and a small message just at the bottom of the box categories. Each article takes you to the single_post page when you click on its title or the READ MORE button, where an article is presented in full.

D – The single_post page
This page contains an article in full and just down the link How who when clicked scroller the page to submit the comment form, and also the Like link. The comments are also presented and the new articles always on the right with the title, the author and the date of publication.

E – The contact page
The contact page contains two parts. The first part is a form and the second part contains email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of social networks.

  • Technology: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • License: one site
  • Typography: Font Awesome
  • Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Designed for SEO
  • Includes HTML, CSS, JS, and Images files
  • Includes documentation
  • 1-year theme support